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Security Badge Office Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to make an appointment to renew your badge?

Yes. The Badge Office has implemented an “Online Appointment” process which requires an appointment for most transactions. Appointments are available on the Badge Office website at

Are badging and fingerprint appointments available every day?

Yes. Badge and Fingerprint appointments are available every day; 70% of our appointments are designated for badging and 30% are designated for fingerprinting. (Special accommodations may be available for unusual circumstances. Please contact the Badge Office at (424) 646-5500.)

Do I have to bring my driver’s license and original birth certificate again if the Badge Office already has them on file?

Yes. Every time an applicant comes to the Badge Office to conduct a fingerprint or badge transaction, they must bring with them original documents – in compliance with Federal regulations - which verify their identity and employment status PLUS photocopies of those documents.

How early can I renew my badge?

There are no restrictions regarding early renewals so you can come in as early as you like as long as you have all of the required documents for processing including a signed application from your company.

How can I replace a lost badge?

First, you must ensure that the badge is deactivated by immediately reporting it lost to the Badge Office. Secondly, contact your company to have them complete all appropriate forms for re-issuance. Keep in mind that you are eligible to fingerprint and receive a replacement badge on the same visit if you go to the Badge Office within 14 days from the initial break in access (lost / stolen).

How much does it cost to get a badge?

There is currently no direct cost to employees for any of the badge process. However, the company is charged $100 for any badge that is not returned to the Badge Office.

How much does it cost to fingerprint?

There is currently no direct cost to employees for the fingerprinting process.

Can I come in and receive a new LAX badge if my current badge has expired?

No. You must first submit to and clear a fingerprint-based criminal history records check (CHRC) and a security threat assessment (STA) before receiving another LAX badge.

What do I need to do once I clear my fingerprints?

You must contact your company to coordinate airport security training, obtain a completed security badge application and copy of your fingerprint results in order to apply for a security badge. The security badge application contains critical information that will determine what color badge and access levels you will receive.

Do I have to wait in line to pick up my badge?

No. The Badge Office has implemented a new electronic queuing system in order to eliminate waiting lines. However, you will be asked to have a seat in the new waiting area until your service number is called.

How can I get an Escort icon?

Escort Training is required to obtain the Escort Icon. Submit an Escort Training Request Form to your Badge Office Coordinator or contact Airport Police – VAAU at (424) 646-8228 or

Can everyone who works for my organization receive the Escort Icon?

No. Each organization must limit the number of individuals who receive the escort icon. You may not obtain escort privileges for more than 50% of your organization’s badged employees.

Can I escort employees who have been fingerprinted, but have not yet received their LAX badge or Terminal ID card, if I have an escort icon on my badge?

Yes. LAWA has revised the LAX Escort Policy to allow individuals who have been fingerprinted -- but have not yet cleared or have not received their LAX Badge or Terminal ID Card -- to be escorted. Please contact Airport Police - VAAU at (424) 646-8228 for any questions regarding the Escort Icon.

Can I escort employees who have been fingerprinted and did not successfully complete the fingerprint review process?

No. If an applicant has failed (not successfully completed) the fingerprint review process, that applicant may not be escorted in any secured restricted or sterile areas.

Can I badge individuals who receive a 1099 from my company?

No. Individuals who receive a 1099 are contract workers and should not be badged under your organization. You should only badge individuals who receive a W2 from your organization.

Is there any public transportation that can take me to the Badge Office?

Yes, the Metro Bus #625. However such public transportation has limited hours of operation Monday-Friday, and does not operate on Sat/Sun/holidays. For further information contact or (323) GO-METRO.

I am a Certified Trainer and must re-train some of my employees. Can I mail them the DVD instead of conducting the training in person?

No. You must always conduct the training in person and have all attendees sign a roster. You must never mail the DVD which contains security sensitive information (SSI). Always keep security sensitive information in a secure location and NEVER share this information with individuals who do not have a need to know or with individuals who have not cleared a criminal history records check and security threat assessment.

Can Security Badge Office forms be mailed to me?

No. Forms must be picked up by the authorized signer or a designated employee who presents written authorization from signer along with a valid government issued photo identification.

Why has my company asked me to contact the Fingerprint Review Unit?

The company’s authorized signer has been notified by the Badge Office to have you contact the Fingerprint Review Unit. That is the extent of information provided to a company. Any information shared between the Security Badge Office and you is completely confidential.

How long is the fingerprint review period?

You have up to 30 days to submit documents to the Fingerprint Review Unit beginning on the day of fingerprinting. Be advised that your company may not hold a position of employment vacant for 30 days – therefore, it is in your best interest to submit such documents as soon as possible.

How do I submit documents to the Fingerprint Review Unit?

Requested documents may be submitted in person without an appointment during regular business hours at the badge counter drop-off station. Documents may also be faxed to (424) 646-9273, or emailed to (24 hours a day – 7 days a week)

Is the information provided to the Fingerprint Review Unit confidential?

Yes. ALL information provided to the Fingerprint Review Unit is completely confidential.

Does the Fingerprint Review Unit require that legal documents be certified?

No. The Fingerprint Review Unit accepts non-certified copies.

What should I do if my badge does not seem to be working?

Call the Badge Office at (424) 646-5500 so they can troubleshoot the electronic access associated with your badge over the phone. It may be necessary to bring your badge in to the Badge Office to be replaced if it is damaged. If so, you will need to obtain a damaged badge form from your company and bring it with you.

What should I do if I cannot access a door that I need to do my job?

First, contact the badge office at (424) 646-5500 to verify whether or not you have access to the door in question or if there is something wrong with your badge. If you do not have the required access, you will need to get your company to request the access for you. Remember, access is based on an operational need and will not be granted simply to make things more convenient or to bypass screening.

How do I report a damaged badge reader?

Call the phone number that is on the reader and give them the reader number which is also shown on the reader. If no phone number indicated on the reader, call the Badge Office at (424) 646-5500.

How do I enroll in the Security Badge Program?

You will need to submit a Letter of Intent and some type of verification form to one of the LAWA divisions (referred to as the LAWA Contract Administrator) who oversees the project/contract. All company enrollment requirements are available online at

Is insurance required to enroll in the Security Badge Program?

Yes. Please contact the Risk Management Division at (424) 646-5486. Contact your primary contractor and/or LAWA Contract Administrator for further information.

What is a BTRC (Business Tax Registration Certificate)?

A BTRC is required for any company wishing to conduct business with the City of Los Angeles. You must register with the City of Los Angeles - Office of Finance. Contact your primary contractor and/or LAWA Contract Administrator for further information.

Where do I submit the Letter of Intent (LOI)?

LOI’s are submitted to your LAWA Contract Administrator for review and approval.

How long does it take to get a badge?

The process varies from company to company based on contract types but the average time takes approx. 3 – 4 weeks from the time the Badge Office receives the initial paperwork from your LAWA Contract Administrator.

How is a Badge Office Coordinator assigned?

Coordinators are assigned based on Industry Type (i.e. Construction, Janitorial, Security, etc) and are responsible for all companies that fall within their designated Industry Type.

What are the requirements for the Driver’s Icon?

Eight (8) hours of practical driver’s training (behind-the-wheel) is a pre-requisite to take the Written Driver Exam. Your company is responsible for providing the behind-the-wheel training. If your company does not have an Approved Driver to conduct training for you, they must contact their primary contractor to provide the 8 hours of practical driver’s training on their behalf. Once training is complete, you can schedule an appointment to take the Written Driver Exam at

How do I know whether or not RAACI (remote area access) is required?

Contact your primary contractor and/or LAWA Contract Administrator for further information.

How do I add or remove a Certified Trainer or Authorized Signer?

Complete a LAX Security Badge Signature Authorization and Certified Trainer form and submit it to your coordinator.

How do we get access to various special doors?

Your Company must submit a letter on company letterhead, signed by management, to the Security Badge Office’s Security Access and Analysis Unit (SAAU). The letter must include the access requested, i.e. door or elevator numbers, etc., and the name(s) and badge number(s) of those needing the access. Most importantly, it must include a strong justification as to why the requested access is needed.

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